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Category: Asia

Asia, China, Travel Videos

Beijing, China: A Travel Short 

Traveling with kids? Beijing is very tourist-friendly, public toilets everywhere, English signs available on all public transports, so far safe and we didn’t have any issue. We were in Beijing for 8D7N. Sorry for the shakiness haha. 😆 We didn’t really intend to capture videos...
Asia, Taiwan, Travel Videos

Taipei, Taiwan: A Travel Montage 

Check out our 7-Days travel montage of Taipei! Showcasing Taipei’s top tourist destinations, our street food experience, and lively night markets. We were in Taiwan for 8D7N. If you like any of our travel videos, please subscribe to our channel for more travel piece from...
Asia, Macau, Travel Videos

Macau Experience 

We had the chance to visit Macau for a whole day experience and we were lucky to have witnessed amazing shows and rituals of their famous casinos. Here’s the highlight of our 1-Day tour in Macau. There are a lot of sights that I wasn’t...
Asia, Hong Kong, Travel Videos

The Best of Hong Kong 

This is where it all began! My love for travel started after visiting Hong Kong. It was my second visited country outside the Philippines (my home country). My first was in Romania and I traveled there for work and it’s a whole different story. 😆...